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TRSDC awards hotel development and construction contracts for megaproject

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KSA’s Al Bawani responsible for civil and structural works for villas on the Southern Dunes site, while Swiss timber specialist Blumer Lehmann overseeing fabrication for hotel on Ummahat Al Shaykh Island

The Red Sea Development Company (TRSDC) has announced that it has awarded contracts to Saudi company Al Bawani and Swiss firm Blumer Lehmann to support the development plans and structural work of its luxury hotels and resorts at the Red Sea Project.

The two companies will play major roles in the construction of hotels across the megaproject, with Al Bawani responsible for civil and structural works across 40 hotel villas on the Southern Dunes site, and Blumer Lehmann responsible for timber construction planning and fabrication as well as supply works for a hotel situated on Ummahat Al Shaykh Island.

“The Red Sea Development Company has made significant progress in terms of the design and construction of key infrastructure to enable the development of hotel assets,” said John Pagano, CEO of TRSDC.

“It is exciting to award these contracts, which signify the start of a new phase for us as we move into the build of our stunning resorts both inland and on one of our key islands. We feel confident that Al Bawani and Blumer Lehmann will help turn our vision into a reality.”

Southern Dunes

Al Bawani has been awarded the first contract for the Southern Dunes site, which involves civil and structural works for 40 hotel villas as well as utility works and site-wide roads. The roads are an integral part of development plans for the project as they will interlink the hotel villas, restaurant and central hotel buildings.

The Saudi-based company will also be responsible for the earthworks and stabilization of each of the villas, along with their structures and underground utilities connections – an essential part of the development plans. Al Bawani’s scope also includes the construction of the infrastructure networks for the Southern Dunes resort, such as sewage, potable water, telecommunications and landscape lighting.

As part of the contract, Al Bawani will establish staff accommodation on site near the Southern Dunes development. This will eventually house 700 employees and will include a host of high-quality amenities. The close proximity of the housing to the site will substantially reduce workers’ travel time and help improve productivity.

Fakher Alshawaf, CEO at Al Bawani, said: “This award represents a first for the Southern Dunes and is an essential part of the development plans for The Red Sea Project. We’re honored to be one of the first companies to work across this beautiful site and are pleased to play our role in helping to open up this destination and our country to the rest of the world.”

Ummahat Al Shaykh Island

TRSDC has also appointed leading Swiss timber construction company Blumer Lehmann for the timber construction planning and fabrication as well as supply works for a resort designed by Kengo Kuma and located on Ummahat Al Shaykh Island.

This award involves the design, off-site manufacturing in Switzerland, and supply of all engineered timber material for the entire hotel, overwater and beach villas, spa and fitness building, restaurants, and the arrival building. During the installation stage, Blumer Lehmann will provide the technical support and supervision needed for smooth installation on-site.

Katharina Lehmann, owner and CEO of Blumer Lehmann, said: “We share The Red Sea Development Company’s values in preserving the natural environment. Our off-site manufacturing methods will help to reduce waste, as well as the human impact of construction activities on-site, such as noise, ground disturbance and vehicle movements. The Red Sea Project is a destination like no other, and we’re proud to be contributing to such an ambitious project.”

Vision to reality

Both awards reflect the remarkable progress being made at the destination. The Red Sea Project has already passed significant milestones and work is on track to welcome the first guests by the end of 2022, when the international airport and the first four hotels will open. The remaining 12 hotels planned for phase one will open in 2023.

Upon completion in 2030, the destination will comprise 50 resorts, offering up to 8,000 hotel rooms and around 1,300 residential properties across 22 islands and six inland sites. The destination will also include luxury marinas, golf courses, entertainment, and leisure facilities.

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