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BAM wins contract to build €22m Snugborough Interchange Upgrade Scheme

BAM Civil has secured the contract from Fingal County Council for the construction of the €22m Snugborough Interchange Upgrade Scheme in Blanchardstown, Dublin, Ireland.

The latest move follows a competitive tender process for the new scheme.

The work on the project involves construction of a second bridge over the N3 national primary route, new bus lanes, footpaths, protected cycle tracks and traffic lanes.

This will provide improved access to Blanchardstown Shopping Centre and the Dublin Enterprise Zone in Mulhuddart.

BAM stated that the scheme will also help to improve the operational efficiency of the two junctions either side of the N3.

Additionally, the project will also include significant traffic management on the N3 and Snugborough Road.

The construction works on the project are expected to commence in March, with completion likely to take about 24 months.

Local Area Committee chairperson Cllr John Walsh said: “The completion of this scheme will have major benefits for residents and businesses in Blanchardstown and the wider Dublin 15 area and is badly needed to relieve traffic congestion at one of the most heavily used junctions in Dublin 15.

“Improving active travel connectivity and accessibility is a key priority for Fingal County Council and the upgrade will allow for a valuable improvement to the cycle and pedestrian network in Blanchardstown and surrounding areas in Dublin 15, as well as reducing waiting times for people travelling by bus.”

Recently, BAM was awarded a contract worth ?192m from an insurance group Legal & General, Sky and NBCUniversal for the construction of Sky Studios Elstree, a new film and television studio to come up just north of London.


BAM has secured the contract to build €22m Snugborough Interchange Upgrade Scheme. (Credit: bam.)


Источник/a source: http://www.worldconstructionnetwork.com (новость переведена автоматически, просим прощения за возможные неточности перевода).
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