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Switzerland achieves key construction milestone on Expo 2020 Dubai pavilion

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Structural work on country pavilion has been completed, project team says

Switzerland has announced that a key construction milestone has been achieved with the completion of structural work at its country pavilion for the upcoming Expo 2020 event, bringing the facility one step closer to its official opening in October 2021.

The country pavilion ‘Reflections’ has been designed by a Swiss creative team: The architects are OOS AG together with Bellprat Partner AG for scenography, and Lorenz Eugster Landscaping GmbH for landscaping. It has been built by general contractor Expomobilia. A number of partners from the private sector have also supported the construction of the project, a statement adds.

A small ceremony was held to mark the completion of structural work at Expo 2020 Dubai. This was attended by several officials including Manuel Salchli, commissioner general of the Swiss Pavilion and chairman of the Steering Committee at Expo 2020 Dubai.

“The work is impressive, and we would like to thank all the people who contributed to reach this milestone,” remarked Salchli.

With heavy construction about to be paused, the final touches including the interior design and the landscaping, will be completed in the next couple of months, he explained.

According to him, the pavilion will reflect the key aspects of Switzerland’s culture, nature and innovations, delivered through a series of elements: the country’s stunning landscapes as well as Switzerland as a hub of technologies, innovations and scientific achievements.

Based on a journey, subdivided into three acts, visitors will get to experience Switzerland by walking through the pavilion.

The pavilion consists of a cubic temporary structure that draws inspiration from Bedouin tents and incorporates sustainable building practices such as the use of sustainable scaffolding elements and textiles as well as seating elements from recycled concrete in the pavilion’s garden, said Salchli.

“Our pavilion will offer not only a unique encounter with Switzerland, but also a platform to foster valuable relationships and enhance new collaborations for a common sustainable future,” he concluded.

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