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NCC to construct Gran?sen winter sport venue in Norway

NCC has signed a contract, worth approximately $55m (about SEK470m), with Trondheim Municipality to construct Granasen winter sport venue in Trondheim, Norway.

The Granasen project has been optimised in an initial stage during which both NCC and Trondheim Municipality worked together to formulate the appropriate technical plans and solutions for the implementation phase.

The new winter sport project will include improvements, extensions and new construction near both ski jumping hills, a new ski bridge, a new shooting range, a new judge tower, new grandstands, a new chairlift, a new arena with a shooting range combined with the grandstand, along with earth and groundworks associated with access roads and ski slopes.

Trondheim Municipality project manager Mona Asgard said: “Sensible and robust have been our watchwords in the project development of a facility that will be sustainable when up and running, for everyday use and in major events. We are grateful for the cooperation thus far and are pleased that we can start construction work.”

During the planning phase, NCC has made use of digital tools and 3D modeling to communicate within the project organisation and also with external parties, such as ski jumping organisations, with the aim of offering a picture of the project to all stakeholders.

NCC Norway building division head Roger Nygard said: “Through close collaboration and the use of digital tools and 3D modeling, we have optimised the ski jumping hills and the construction process itself. At the Granasen facility, we have taken the requirements of the athletes of one of the most spectacular sports in the world into consideration while we are also adapting it for other users. We would like to thank Trondheim Municipality for the trust it has placed in us and look forward to getting started on this project.”

The project aims to be certified  in accordance with CEEQUAL, which is an international sustainability system used to rate infrastructure projects.

NCC Norway infrastructure division head Per Jonsson said: “We are very pleased with the work we have carried out thus far with the developer and the rest of the team. This has enabled us to optimise the project’s overall environmental targets, and we have prior experience of CEEQUAL at NCC.”

Trondheim’s Granasen winter sport venue is scheduled to be completed by the summer of 2023, while the ski jumping hills will be completed by the 2022/2023 winter season.

Half of the project’s contract value will be registered among orders in the Building Nordics business area and the other half in the Infrastructure business area in Q2 2021.


The new winter sport venue will include improvements, extensions and new construction near both ski jumping hills. Credit: Martine Jacobsen/Unsplash.

Источник/a source: http://www.worldconstructionnetwork.com (новость переведена автоматически, просим прощения за возможные неточности перевода).
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